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Case Results & Testimonials
Adam H. Bell, P.C. Attorney at Law, has successfully won the majority of his cases over the years. He has highlighted some of his best results, along with testimonials from clients he has worked with. Read more about them below.

Simply the Best!
Adam Bell was a Godsend for my brother. We used Adam to represent him on DUI. Adam got Mexico State to do an evaluation on my brother that worked for his advantage in court. Thank you Adam. We consider you a wonderful friend. Happy New Year friend!

— Ida

Awesome Lawyer
Adam was a great lawyer to work with. My first time working with a lawyer and I’m glad it was him. He is very Understanding and very knowledgeable. Was confident thru my whole case and kept telling me things were going to go my way. If I need him I will be calling him again but hopefully I won’t need to. Thank you Adam for everything you have done for me and my case!!

— Satisfied Client

Adam did exactly what he promised he would do and more. He was as able to reduce my husband’s charges, keep him out of jail, and eventually got the case dismissed. If we ever need an attorney again, Adam Bell will be our first choice.

— Elizabeth

2nd to None
If you want a lawyer that is going to work with you, get the results and make you feel like you are as important to a lawyer as if they were taking care of their own family then Adam Bell is the one. Not only is he an exceptional lawyer he is a great person and honest. Adam is very transparent and lets you know how things are going and will always do what is right. He is upfront and honest and a go getter in the court room. He took my case personal as I feel he does every case and never backs down. There is no lawyer I would ever use other than Adam.

— Gannyn

Beyond Expectations
I have had to use several lawyers in my past and finally came upon Adam Bell. Finding Adam Bell was the best thing that e we happened to my son and I. Not many lawyers make you feel like you are on a personal level with them and they even care wether you win or loose, not Adam. Adam kept in contact and up to date and really in my opinion takes your case and needs personal. I love this man and can’t say enough for what he has done for me he is by far the best and only lawyer I will ever use and recommend anywhere not just locally. Don’t waste your time on anyone else Adam is your guy.

— Caleb

Words cannot express the gratitude our family feels toward Mr. Adam Bell. A year and one day ago, we were up against a DUI charge. We even wondered and kept asking, to this day, why our vehicle, the only vehicle was stopped, when there was no traffic violation that occurred. As a minority, there is no worse feeling than seeing the red lights in your rearview mirror, having a police officer ask you to get out of your vehicle, handcuff you, put you in a patrol car and you end up being booked in the County Detention Center.

My fiancé didn’t know where to turn and on the recommendation of a professional that she talked with at 6:00 am the next morning, we contacted Mr. Bell. This was the best decision we made, because from the very beginning we felt as if we knew him for a very long time, he made his feel secure in the knowledge of the laws. Mr. Bell alleviated my lack of knowledge of the judicial system by pointing out the grievant errors made by the arresting officer. We went to trial before a local judge, who before the trial, was buddy-buddy with the prosecutor. This did not go well with our family because, it seemed this was only part of the good old boy network.

I was impressed with Mr. Bell’s professionalism in that he had cited many examples of case law that were not even taken into consideration. We lost at the first level, but Mr. Bell believed in our case and we took it to appeal. One year and one day after being pulled over, we won at the appeal level. This judge validated the case law that Mr. Bell had spent so much energy in preparing for the motion. We are so happy to continue with our lives and very grateful for lawyers like Mr. Bell who advocate for hard-working people like myself.

— Satisfied Client

Having never had any prior criminal dealings, I was confused and scared when I had to decide who to turn to for legal counsel. I found Mr. Bell via a legal help website online. When I was contacted by him the same afternoon I had applied, he made me feel confident that proving my innocence wasn’t going to be the headache that I envisioned.

During the year long ordeal, both of us became aware of the enormity of my case and that made Mr. Bell that much more determined to fight for my rights and my freedom. He uncovered many unique facts that no one could have predicted and he handled my many panicked text messages and phone calls with the reassurance that I would make it past the obstacles with no problem.

The final court appearance we were both dumbfounded, relieved, and ecstatic when the Judge also agreed that he was not happy with the investigation and handling of my case. I owe Adam Bell my eternal gratitude for standing beside me and fighting for my innocence throughout this mess. I highly recommend him to anyone needing legal representation. He is a dedicated and tireless Attorney who will see to it that you are treated and judged fairly by the Court.

— Ashley Oakes

At the time of my arrest, I was read my rights and asked if I had anything to say to the officer. I immediately said, “Yes I do. Adam Bell. Call him.”

Adam Bell was referred to me long before this incident by some very credible individuals so I knew Adam was the attorney I needed to defend me and my rights.

Adam did the perfect job of defending me as well as my civil rights and was always there to keep me reassured when times looked bleak.

Everything turned out great in my case. I could not have asked for a better defense. I have since referred Adam Bell for many types of cases and will continue to refer him to anyone who needs defending or representation.

— Adrian E.

In 2013 I had a wake-up call. I was charged with a DWI. Prior to this charge, I felt as if I was living the dream. My social life was at an all-time high and I was looking forward to so many positive changes. In the midst of these upcoming life changes, I was out celebrating. Anyone who indulges in alcohol as a part of celebrating can understand that things escalate easily. I made a very bad decision one night while celebrating. My friends and I wanted to go to another bar to continue with the fun. At that moment, I did not think of the consequences. I was caught up in the faded desire to have a good night and make sure that my friends were having a good time. Long story short, I was pulled over by a police officer that evening and charged with a DWI.

This charge made me feel lost and scared, to say the least. I was terrified as to what was going to play out from my DWI charge. My life changed drastically in the moment that I was taken to jail for this DWI. Had it not been for my criminal lawyer, Adam Bell, I would have suffered extreme financial and familial problems. I cannot thank him and his team enough. Adam Bell took on my case and defended me as if I was family.

The charge of a DWI is horrible on so many levels. It is not something that any one person can or should handle without professional and legal help. The professionalism and availability that Adam Bell offered was amazing. His legal team helped me to get through this tough time and I will never forget what a positive impact he had on my life. He got me through the legal aspects of getting charged with a DWI. I can now move forward and work toward an alcohol-free and successful life.

— Satisfied Client

Mr. Bell has been my daughter’s attorney for the last 16 months. I cannot thank him enough for saving my daughter’s future. She was facing a serious felony conviction, and he was relentless in seeking justice for her. He is not just any attorney, he is a golden attorney! Mr. Bell’s compassion for others in need of help far surpasses those who just want your money to represent you. He was honest, never let our messages go without a response and genuinely cared about our case. He always reassured us that he would fight for my daughter’s rights, and he did! We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome. I am forever grateful to you Mr. Bell and would not hesitate to recommend you to any one else in need of legal representation.

— Pea

Adam was my employer and a great friend to work with and for. He is very compassionate about his work and bust his butt day in and day out. I don’t think he ever sleeps! He has one of the biggest hearts I’ve ever seen coming from an attorney. He is very smart and knowledgeable and will work hard for his clients best interest.

— Chelsie

He has made our family feel secure, heard, and ultimately, we had the best outcome we could have. He has been a joy to work with and he saw the good in my cousin even after the atrocious allegations that were thrown in her direction. She could have been facing felony convictions, but Mr. Bell fought tooth and nail for her and spoke for her kind soul and to our family, that means the world that he could see the good person we all see. I thank him for his time, demeanor, and his knowledge while working through this case.

— Celina

Adam was amazing! He really helped my family and stayed by our side through it all! My cousin and our entire family were very please to work with such a great lawyer.

— Bailey

Adam was absolutely amazing. He went above and beyond for myself and my family. I couldn’t be happier. He was very efficient and understanding. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs legal advice.

— Natasha

Just got done with my court case with Adam Bell and he hha been amazing to work with. He is very well versed in dwi laws. When it seemed that at every turn something was going wrong Adam stepped in and smoothed everything over. They tried to charge me with a 2nd aggravated dwi and he got me down to 1st non aggravated and beyond that helped me get the rehab and help I needed. I feel like he set me up to never need his services again because he’s not in it for the money, he’s there to help people.

— Justin

This man is very dedicated and professional. He worked hard and late hours to help us in our civil custody case to save our grandchild from the very bad choices being made by the child’s parents. Thank you Sir!

I also witnessed him give it his all while defending a client in a criminal case prior to one of our hearings. This man gives his clients some of the best representation!

— John

I’ve been battling with a severe case of Jeff Gordon syndrome where every roadway looks like a Daytona speedway for a few years now. I’ve gotten better now, but I’ve seen my share of speeding tickets. Fortunately, Adam is like a prosecution-whisperer. He has a way of just walking into a court room and with one handshake getting police to drop tickets.

Also, he’s not your average attorney… he’s very jolly and likable! In fact, there’s really nothing not to like about him. He’s like the Will Smith of Attorneys.

— Chad

Adam is great to work with. Kind and considerate in situations that are highly emotional. Works hard and long hours to ensure clients are taken care of.

— Heather

Mr. Bell was appointed to me in a cyfd case, while Im not inclined to details on this I will say it was necessary for them to intervene. I had several issues with my life which was completely out of control, (I am now clean,divorced with a job and never been happier). Throughout the thirteen months I’ve known Mr. Bell, he has always been friendly, kind and supportive, and honestly was the only person involved in the whole ordeal that never treated me like I was less than. He’s professional and always willing to take a moment to answer any questions I may have had, and made me feel like he wasn’t just an appointed attorney, but truly willing to go to bat for me when no one else was. I am proud to say he’s my friend and an amazing lawyer.

— Jessica